What do great athletes have in common?

What do great athletes have in common?

Basketball, like other sports requires great athleticism, lots of practice and good coaching for any player to excel and stand out on the court. Those are three among many other factors that will determine how well a player will perform during competitive games.   

There are two attributes that may be even more critical though, for a basketball player to possess for them to play at the highest level of the sport. What could be even more important than intense practice and physical prowess you may ask… it’s their level of “mental focus” and their degree of “self-confidence.”

The most successful basketball players, and athletes in general, possess a degree of both mental focus and self-confidence that goes well beyond the average player. Players that possess the ability to focus to a degree much higher than other players who they compete against, have a distinct advantage when all other skills and physical attributes are equal. This degree of focus allows the to block out the many distractions occurring on the court. Being able to focus with such intensity, in the midst of all the chaos that occurs during a typical game, gives these athletes the ability to dominate their opponents.

The other highly important factor that goes beyond great athleticism and a good practice ethic is a degree of self-confidence that far exceeds other athletes of similar skill sets. Some refer to this ability as possessing a high degree of “mental toughness.” In the workplace, having a positive self-image is an essential component to a having successful career. In sports, self-confidence can make or break an athlete. When all things are equal as far a physical ability and skills, the athletes who are most confident in their abilities tend to rise to the top.

Intense focus and self-confidence, when combined with great athleticism, a strong practice ethic and good coaching is a recipe for success, regardless of the sport. Basketball athletes should consider each of these essential factors as they work to improve in their sport.

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